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Online Live Phone Sex Services Review & Directory Australia

We are an amazing phone sex review directory located in Sydney Australia. From top to toe our live adult chat services presented on our page are honest and informative. We aim to provide great information so you the consumer can find real girls to have a great phone sex conversation with.

Live adult chat over a telephone has been around a long time. The industry has been somewhat unmonitored for most of its existence. It is not unusual to have women who look nothing like their pictures answer the phone. This is somewhat deceptive as when you ring the company they will tell you the pin. Once you have the pin you then look at the girl’s picture matching the pin on their website. In Australia, webcam girls are also extremely popular.

We have compiled a list of what we believe are the best phone sex companies in Australia:

  • USREVIEW – Australian owned fun but dynamic, providing many services 1902999345 .
  • Girls Of OZ – Australian owned, and probably the oldest company doing adult chat in AUS 1902966667.
  • Catholic Students- Aussie owned fun, vibrant, and a great site for naughty people 1902229491.
  • Phone Sext- AU owned great images with a hip page 1902255970.
  • Business building- a platform for business people to connect for adult chat 1902228327.

Amazing Sex Life With A Real Girl Over The Phone

We have interviewed and spoke to nearly every phone sex provider in Australia. We must say there are not many different providers in the Australian market. A vast majority of sites have their girls linked to overseas women.
We believe live adult chat should be fun and real, the experience should be pleasant. You should not be preyed upon by fakes who provide fake women and service.

Phone Sex Should Be Fun For Everyone And Easy to Acess A good Provider

  • Most services range from $2.00 per minute to $5.00 per minute. This is not an inexpensive experience 1 hour of call time could cost you up to $300 dollars. For this type of money, we believe the call should be a great experience. Some great tips for finding an honest provider:
  • Ask the person who initially answers the call what color hair the babe you are about to pay for has.
  • Ask for 1 minute face time with the operator before you start. A lot of operators will not like, however, the real companies who hire real girls will not have a problem with this.
  • If you’re using these services often, try and speak to the same women that you have already verified as real. This is definitely a starting point in developing a sex life over the phone that is meaningful. We get a meaningful telephone relationship is not what many are after. Most girls agree that the more times they speak to you the much better the sexual experience will be.

We want you to have an amazing online live adult chat. Definitely, these companies are getting paid enough to provide real service and you the consumer should have the right information to provide yourself the best choice for fun adult phone sex.  How to have phone sex -tips for phone sex blog.