Psychologist Dee Why

We are a local directory encouraging the genearl puplic to shop around before they jump into therapy. Starting therapy can be a large investment and not just money wise but also emotionally you are trusting a stranger with your inner self. In doing this you want to get the right practitioner straight away.

In finding the right practitioner you will need to know a few things:

  • What do i want in a therapist
  • How long roughly do i think i may need therapy
  • What exactly am i seeing a psychologist for or counsellor PNB
  • How much can i afford to spend
  • Can i get a GP referral to claim the medicare rebate

Once you have answered those things you should be well on your way to choosing a therapist.

Psychologist Local

We believe it is highly important to choose a reasonably local therapist. One of the biggest contributing factors we see towards early cancelation of therapy is the long drive factor. We call it the long drive factor as in if your doing a 45 minute drive each way this can eassily turn into a three hour block out of your day if you include parking etc.

Choosing Some Quality Time For You

While your starting therapy it is extremely important to concentrate on yourself for a while, work out some things you really like doing outside family and work and doing them. Working with a psychologist can sometimes stir up emotions and feeling and we highly recommend a bit of light physical exercise as well. Clinicalpsychologists.

To understand therapy one must understand that therapy is not always short and nearly all research points towards 12-15 sessions for moderate anxiety and 15- 18 sessions for moderate depression. A psychologist is not trying to draw your therapy out longer so they make more money.

Becoming mates with your psychologist is not something they are legally allpwed to do. It is very normal for one to really like their therapist. After all your therapist is helping you go face to face with your life hurdles and pains. A psychologist must keep their proffessional distance, it is not that they do not want to be your friend it is simply legally they are not allowed to be your friend.

Clinical Vs Registered Psychologist

A clinical psychologist northen beaches generally has done a lot of extra training in assessment and is highly skilled at giving an opinion of what they think is wrong with you. If you are in a hospital setting this is a great skill to have in one on one talk therapy this skill has extremely little revelance to your outcome. A highly trained talk therapist will do a much better job than someone who is trained just to tell you what is wrong.